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Preliminary data indication India will be exported in June relatively grew 25 %
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Zhou Wu of Indian Department of Commerce says, goods will export India June relatively grew 25.1 % last year, the product that exit jumps includes engineering product, electric equipment and bombazine.

According to Department of Commerce preliminary data shows, will export total June 9.97 billion dollar, under photograph comparing, was 7.97 billion dollar with the month last year. But preliminary data often is amended considerably. Nearly a few months, correction data greatly under preliminary data. In April - June, export total 27.67 billion dollar, relatively grew 16.9 % last year.

The Indian unfavorable balance of trade of contemporaneity expands, the entrance still is more than exit. April - estimation of Indian unfavorable balance of trade will be in in June 12.61 billion dollar, under photograph comparing, contemporaneity was 10.54 billion dollar last year.

The import will rise 22.4 % June, to 13.76 billion dollar, wanting an account only is crude price rises the whole world.

These data do not include to serve exit, but outside including Indian IT company, buy. Indian money year arrive from April second year in March. "; PageSize=3000; Flag=1;