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Outlet of Indian spin clothing increases 21.8 %
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India is in charge of the EVKS Elangovan of state head of a department of spin saying, after quota of global spin dress abolishs, 2005 - outlet of Indian spin clothing had increased 21.8 % 2006, reach 17.08 billion dollar.

He says, grew 26 respectively to the United States and European Union exit 2005 % and 18 % , 2/3 what occupy Indian spin and dress to export total dimensions.

In the meantime, administration has been approved about building the proposal of area of 105 special economy, up to now, had received 388 application.

The Jairam Ramesh of state head of a department of responsible business affairs says, revenue loss cannot be evaluated possibly, because cannot integrated estimation allows tax loss. "; PageSize=3000; Flag=1;