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Craft textile company establishs east: Knit a world the most beautiful " lacy "
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In the office with American expensive the White House and auditoria, on the curtain of massiness elegance and sofa, those who hanging unusual beauty is lacy with spic head. These hanging it is entirely“Made In China” , and these China are made, come from Liaoning to visit town of tile-roofed house inn entirely again famous —— of civilian battalion enterprise connects city east establish craft textile limited company.

Now, we are in with respect to the station east in the office building that establishs modernization of craft textile limited company, keeping the color that “ wants to be less than only, reveal the hall without what do not paint the color ” slogan that go out in, our eye is reached by sofa of the various curtain of thousands of kinds of full of beautiful things in eyes, cloth art, bedding the spic such as dress spends series place bewilderment. We also understood the secret of the White House of this company direct United States. These secrets are in charge of circumstances or style of departure high from the company in hasty footstep, in the energy spirit look from race against time of manufacturing workshop staff, can peek one spot. State the spirit of enterprise that is this company best: Advocate fast and enterprising of character, solidarity, nimble, creation is top-ranking.

From do not have have, go up to the world from a small mill the biggest lacy production company, the company establishs 14 years east had taken an extraordinary route. 1992, just register hold water east establish a company, employee is less than 20 people, workshop covers an area of an area to be not worth 500 square metre. Already had on employee 1000 people at present, cover an area of a face to accumulate 40 thousand square metre. What Yu Yong of this company president says no less than, the company is in these 14 years of advance rapidly between, the “ others that profit from company always pursues can accomplish, we must be accomplished; Others impracticable, what we also want to accomplish ” is emulative, dare be a person first belief; Profit from is a kind of serious deal with concrete matters relating to work, ceaseless the spirit of study; Profit from a kind of “ east establish a company not to have bagatelle, the detail of working style …… of the attention detail that bagatelle wants to catch ” when the important matter decides stand or fall, direction decides success or failure, the company stands to use adamantine development target and the working style that grab from bagatelle east, casting enterprise today's brilliant.

The competition of the enterprise, be attributed to the talent's competition finally, the enterprise should achieve the progress that stabilizes continuously, the remain invincible in wanting to compete in intense market, must build a talent to groom system, adopt professionalism groom, let company staff master the most advanced concept inside the industry and skill quickly earlier than others forever, make enterprise from beginning to end reservior is worn many can the person with ability that brave establishs industry current head.
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