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Complementary makings sells Han Zhengjie one year 10 100 million make countrywid
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Slide fastener, button, lacy, the business to Han Zhengjie door for, the ordinary gadgety Douyun on these dress is containing tremendous business chance. The reporter learns from Han Zhengjie yesterday, come nearly 4 years, complementary makings manages Han Zhengjie's dress door jump by 150 or so nearly 800 current, sale of a year already achieved 1 billion yuan or so.

The dress that Han Zhengjie is preparing controller of complementary makings chamber of commerce 10 thousand Introduction Chao Gong introductions, the complementary makings such as slide fastener, button, 30% what should hold totle drilling cost of a dress commonly. Took a fancy to among them business chance just about, come nearly 45 years, come from Hubei to answer the business of and other places of city, Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi, Henan door, lay vision in succession complementary makings market, begin to be engaged in technically the production of complementary makings is machined and be being sold in Han Zhengjie. Come from Hubei to answer only the business of the city door achieve more than 300, occupy 4 into the left and right sides.

And the crop of Chinese style dress and sales volume soar, also drove Han Zhengjie greatly the sale of complementary makings market. As we have learned, current, of Han Zhengjie of all kinds complementary makings is annual large quantities of selling the circumjacent province city such as past Hunan, Henan, Jiangxi and provincial 2 class market and clothing manufacturer. Nowadays, complementary makings market already became Han Zhengjie very quickly be next to Guangzhou and the whole nation of justice black market of estate of the 3rd three-year institution of higher learning.

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