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The sea lion gens of pure and fresh harmony (group plan)
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Halley and than the base of a fruit these two dramatic image, brag if unripe, lively, mischievous small sea lion is haing Li Bidi,brag (Hibitte) the figure delegate of childen's garments brand, their clever and lively and interesting, bright figure showed haing benefit · to have deep love for the brand concept of harmony of peace, pursuit, environmental protection and distant view than brand of the base of a fruit, body reveals child child childish, innocent, natural, happy instinctive quality.

Haing benefit · advocates than view of childen's garments of the base of a fruit nature and urbanization, pursue the way of life of true ego. Use pure natural cotton, hemp, Mudaier (MODAL) wait for fabrics to come whole situation is deduced " urbanization and regression are natural " design theme. On colour, serve as primary color with environmental protection color, knot in the swim and vogue all sorts of popular elements of the international market ably be in harmony is met in the design in brand, design, and each design contains this brand distinctive and the distinguishing feature that does not miss in a popular style, with the design of creativity and concept, guide, the demand with incentive, contented potential customer, and emphasize sheet tasting between rich and changeful can match quality, it is haing Li Bidi's distinctive color and window place more.

Qiu Dong breathed out benefit · to continued to take the vigor of Chun Xia series and joyous joy than childen's garments of the base of a fruit 2006, notice colorific is applied, often get natural colour inspiration to nature, body reveals children innocent imagine a space with dream.

The pure and fresh and healthy nature that breaths out Li Bidi to model city children to return to nature, also inspire the essence with lively and adorable children. Really true nature, fashionable, breath out benefit · to want expressive meaning than place of childen's garments of the base of a fruit just about.

The pine celebrates industrial limited company to hold water at was in Hong Kong 1982, 1999 hand in hand industrial limited company manages refined scholar of Shenzhen city skin jointly haing benefit · compares brand of childen's garments of the base of a fruit. Come for years, having close cooperation and connection with companies of many world-famous brand clothing all the time. To lead the demand with incentive China market, the company will breath out benefit · introduce home than brand of the base of a fruit a few years ago. Design conformity of chief inspector dominant by international, make the childen's garments of haing Li Bidi, underwear, household deserves to act the role of, the brand trait that the product such as ceremony box shows its internationalization, urbanization, vogue adequately to change.

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