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Square of Shenyang city seat of government " full-dress advance "
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Opening ceremony of week of Korea of Shenyang of the 5th China will be in at 16 days of evening square of Shenyang municipal government is held.

This is yesterday 21 when make Korea week organizing committee hold a press conference to announce.

According to Korea week organizing committee relevant controller discloses, after leadership of city of late on July 16 province sends word, pushbutton to announce Korea week begins, the firework of fusillade of high low level will be set off 6 to 10 minutes.

After firework passes, "Full-dress advancing performance " embark upon a political venture, below the guiding of motorcade of ceremony guest motor, 16 girls that wear Sino-South Korean dress will hold Korea Zhou Huiqi to set out from square of city seat of government, along city seat of government iron of big direction Shenyang is fair advance with the bridge.

On more than meters 2000 journey, will 10 perform square row to 15, 1000 people are controlled, display for the audience on wonderful performance.

According to divulging, performance team will include a city south, royal and the artistic performance team that 4 cities expedite the Korea such as big Qiu, Ren Chuan, formal performance, Beijing opera performance, little the wonderful program such as a long drum of program, Korea.

Concerned respect controls the organization 30 thousand times the audience to be in road two side, broad citizen also can watch Shen Cheng at will, whole act will last 45 minutes or so.

Chief discloses related Korea week organizing committee, of activity of current Korea week sponsorring an unit is Shenyang municipal government and big Han the Republic of China are stationed in Shenyang consulate general, the theme is " communication, collaboration, development " , this second Korea week will end on July 22.

According to introducing, in 56 of current Korea week main activities, the citizen can attend exposition of product of communication of Korea commodity exhibition, Sino-South Korean, Korea builds building materials exhibition to negotiate the exhibition such as exhibition of art of the 3rd meeting, Sino-South Korean, and the series activity such as performance of cate of all sorts of culture entertainment that with Xidade the area launchs for the center, gust, folk-custom.

Additional, will come 22 days on July 16 in the evening, literary organization will be in Sino-South Korean major municipal government square, Xidade is area, fairy lake park and and other places of boreal hill park, develop activity of square culture show. (reporter Yang Haifeng) "; PageSize=3000; flag=1;