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Inn of concept of EASYSHOP female vogue garrisons Shenzhen
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Last week 6, EASYSHOP of legend of Taiwan underwear bound is strong garrison edifice of trade of nation of the road austral people.

It is reported, EASYSHOP " concept of female · fashionable · " inn is less than garment for core, gather protects skin to taste, fittings of dress of cosmetic, individual and life high-quality goods the female at a suit is integrated inn, in order to need the service of dissimilation and the space that easy shopping environment makes sweetness for the female. Introduce according to relevant controller, EASYSHOP with " own blame self-help " concept, initiate underwear tries wardrobe " service bell " design, can make consumer own the ground with ringing the bell means decides to whether need to sell a young lady to enter bathhouse to make man-to-man service, achieve the close design that values customer completely. Besides underwear kind outside commodity, the is the same as design and color dress that derives from the cotton print place of an underwear, cloth idol, umbrella, make up reach portable bag to wait popular and the fashionable fittings of diversity, to things of female of life daily expense, ad hoc man zone, close child take wait for a design, let exclusive of female of EASYSHOP just like illicit close garden.

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