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Colour from " the Red Sea " sail to " La Hai "
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From 2003 initiate is natural colour cotton underwear " blame chemistry, free from contamination " concept, the world of underwear of 3 minutes of China; To 2004 hundreds respond to a single call, garment of the home in leading " colour cotton year " general trends; Make trade of underwear of Chinese colour cotton to nowadays again get army brand, lead underwear of Chinese colour cotton new style, it is what force lets " colour " this just brand of 3 years old, in numerous and complicated on the Chinese underwear market with complex, intense competition, is such a situation full of danger raised in short time? Show level, face countrywide each district one " colour cotton " sound, of imposing manner huge " colour cotton flourishing age " already as scheduled and the new condition that come, "Colour " next how does development strategy locate? Taking these issues, reporter a few days ago special interview " colour " palm door person -- Shanghai Lu Xiaojiang of president of limited company of colour cotton dress.

Reporter: Enter industry of colour cotton underwear to begin from 2003, "Colour " created a miracle 3 years, why to choose to enter this industry at the outset?

Lu Xiaojiang: Development of Chinese contemporary underwear basically experienced the following 4 phase: The first phase is phase of common knitting underwear, its are on behalf of the brand " 3 guns " etc. The 2nd phase is phase of heat preservation underwear, fastigium was achieved 2000, at present upsurge gradually subsidise. The 3rd phase is phase of beautiful body underwear, consume as a result of product and target group confine, enter market winter very quickly. The 4th phase namely period of current colour cotton underwear.

The be current of colour cotton underwear is not accidental, however of people pursuit environmental protection and healthy lifestyle reflect necessarily. We began to pay close attention to the posture of colour cotton industry 2002, begin to have pilot investigation in market of a few region. In practice we discover, product of professional colour cotton terminal had had early on market, but however battalion carry is adverse, direction is unidentified. On underwear market certain old brand, although had begun to pay close attention to colour cotton, but that hiding strength that was not aware to colour cotton consumes a delegate however. Below this kind of situation, we are decisive hit out, final and ecbolic a colour brand. Since the first day when be born, "Colour " be located in surely " natural, green, environmental protection, healthy " underwear domain, letting what we feel gratified is, the course tries hard indefatigably, "Colour " the pronoun that has made colour cotton underwear at present.

Reporter: As " colour " founder, do you think what its core competition ability is?

Lu Xiaojiang: Tell simply, namely " hold to " with N " innovation " . " hold to " the product style that holds to high quality, high grade, green, natural, environmental protection, health from beginning to end namely and brand fixed position. Hold to through this kind, form in consumer memory " colour " particular psychological impress, make consumer right " colour " generation affection resonance and preference. N " innovation " innovate in the round namely, innovation itself is the brainwork of sex of a diverge, it is centered impossibly in on the dot. Undertake because of uninterrupted ground product innovation, management innovation, sale innovation, brand blazes new trails just about, "Colour " just had today's brilliant.
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