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Spain " OH MA! ! " pregnant woman outfit rolls out 06 autumn winters to be taste
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  [The brand introduces] : "OH MA! ! " Maternity Wear, it is one comes from the high-end pregnant woman that designs at Spain to hold a brand, the brand is enjoyed in America, Europe very tall famous degree. "OH MA! ! "Be subordinate to belongs to ROSMARI group, ROSMARI group from 1970 since, devote oneself to the design that pregnant woman installs and production all the time, have history of 36 years. "OH MA! ! " the Europe of dress follow closely that design and produces is newest fashionable tide, at the same time the comfortable pitch of mature dress. The product of development has suit to allow mom to be in all sorts of social situations and the dress need that live daily.

   [] of brand fixed position: OH, MA! ! Maternity Wear is not aimed at the accurate mom of tide of follow closely vogue especially, the age group of fixed position is the mature female of 27 years old of above, need discrepancy possibly still during be pregnant each circumstance, the office, outdoors or PARTY, the likelihood is needing to attend a meeting with the client or shop at the friend more, the park takes a walk, attend a banquet to wait.

   [Brand concept] : Come from the OH MA that wearing a concept at European vogue! ! Pregnant woman holds a brand, the accurate mother that give us China were brought brand-new concept.

   [Products plan] : People often says pregnant female is the most beautiful, wear because of her be pregnant with not only a new life, wear beautiful and decent pregnant woman outfit, can let allow mom to have a happy state of mind more, during letting its wear what cherub is born in watch, send out a clinking glamour.

"OH MA! ! " the bodily form that the brand is aimed at Chinese pregnant woman, china follows the fashionable dress idea of mom. Invited the stylist that once held the position of brand of international of Versace Classic V2, Lacoste, Zegna to hold the position of this group especially advocate stylist, there still is the design personnel that comes from Mango to design a group in designing a group, form a fashionable design group. OH, MA! ! the quality of a material that dress uses entirely is gentle, the linen-cotton of material qualitative health kind wait for pure natural fabrics, return the fabrics with own research and development and distinctive and original design, this is other trademark is incomparable. Cotton kind the dress contains 5%-10% stretch part, still did special design in what abdomen and waist are in, can undertake systole according to the size of abdomen or relax. The series of the product feels, make suit mutual the collocation between, "OH, MA! ! "The stylist of the brand pays attention to the ornamental detail such as inwrought, bead light, fritter to design very much. OH, MA! ! The dress of the brand checks through bath, after washing, still can keep brand-new simple sense.
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