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Style of new female outfit grabs business of lens Wu Lin to encircle
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Without the conduct propaganda of do sth on a large scale, all surprises appear to be being finished overnight. Come new the north and south of building of Hangzhou general merchandise after adjusting 2 buildings, you can risk the fashionable brand that come out to scream overnight to be in. Day Han tide and costly fair maiden are here passion collides, every shop is according to different brand the style matchs meticulously, setting of elaborate design function. Each area, each brand, each detail can calls carve of essence of life fine carve, each part is small change, deliver piece 100 big the new form of 2 buildings -- vogue and classical not common style.

In 100 big 2 buildings ramble circuit, discover many surprises. You can feel among them many brands are building of Hangzhou general merchandise new introduce, have more many it is Hangzhou exclusive brand, arrive from green vogue mature and classical, arrive from street girl lovely wife, female outfit shows 100 be out of shape the elephant is an epitome that flows when Ji Chao almost.

Capacious passageway, the shop style of metabolic much appearance, the shopwindow of halfback grace displays art... delay amble goes in 100 big 2 buildings, be like You Yi the river at a vogue, seem the market that roams in a vogue. Sex appeal, enchanting, costly, nostalgic, fair maiden... bearing the weight of of style of too much tide 100 big 2 Lou Benji invites you and tide in all dance, expect you kiss self-invited spot to reveal fashionable truth.

Be worth a youth

Expectant day Han is installed

Yi Doujin arrived 100 big! This message is how to invigorate popular feeling to young girl, in their eye, the pronoun of Japanese tide is not Yi Dou Jinmo to belong to. Yi Doujin is Japan has representative clothing company quite, own 30 many brands, this 100 big 2 buildings are adjusted, IIMK of its subordinate brand of 3 large main force, MK, OFUON is attracted. And the dress group that gathers global vogue element -- LAND of brand E · , Scat, ROME and PRICH also enter the 4 old style below Yi Lianqi halt 100 big, the flowery ammunition that day Han department gives in this collision enlightened the night sky of Hangzhou vogue, let 100 big 2 buildings become tide girl's new expectation.

Recommend: + of E · LAND, Scat, Roem, IIMK, MK, Honeys (good pair appearance)
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