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Be puzzled of evil spirit of fashionable Bai Ying meaningfuls (graph)
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  Bai Ying, come from brand of high female the latest fashion, autumn 1996, land the China that possesses long culture inside information formally, she is connotation with its fashionable Euramerican and popular culture, the fashionable element with perfect and shirt-sleeve Oriental elegant reservation, romantic, showily, elegant, become the design direction indicator of Bai Ying brand; Cut out out and away with its craft, the practical design of classical style reachs superior quality, revealed the glamour of female gentle and lovely, handsome, poetic flavour, passion and wisdom, deduce the high grade of modern female sexual life adequately, reveal city 28-45 year old of fashionable woman individuation beautiful beautiful figure, accomplished Bai Ying to provide international most the position of the advanced brand female outfit of wind model.

PARKYAN accomplishs brilliant in international garment industry, develop a school of one's own. Its female outfit design novel, line fluent, colour is elegant, led international dress popular trend. On products plan, pay attention to detail beauty, vogue however not make public, and added a large number of extremely Nancy design elements, the bud silk that is like built-in bullion silk thread, water getting, lacy, bead act the role of etc, will perfect character and classic and romantic style are deduced impeccably; Make in production, use the world's scientific and the most advanced plate making engineering technology, sound quality to ensure system and fabrics of high quality entrance, final production goes out a series of delicate, only the brand female outfit with beautiful, dye-in-the-wood fashionable, reflected international class dress to produce the professional quality of manufacturer.

Hong Kong cypress is filled with a company is a dimensions big, technology is advanced advanced enterprise of female outfit brand, having advanced major to produce base and team of high-tech research and development, market development, production, sale is an organic whole, have advanced management concept, produce equipment, scientific management pattern with what flow firstly, strict quality hierarchy of control, perfect after service and the commerce experience that accumulate for a long time, join in with the many countries such as Korea, France, Russia, Hong Kong and area business established good business collaboration relationship early or late, subordinate and self-supporting inn, join in brand shop of inn, figure spreads all over countrywide each district to wait 60 many big in city, sale network is expanding ceaselessly in.

Bai Ying brand, going after outstanding character ceaselessly while, on the supply of the design from the product, supply of goods and product quality, with its worker of advanced production facilities, professional production serves as safeguard, the production that accelerated kinds or types of goods is periodic, shortened the cycle turning over sheet that Ying Jichang sells pattern, the agency that lets join group of Bai Ying brand created good management outstanding achievement, rose to join in the sale gain of the enterprise. This is one fills life, abound the group of innovation spirit, collective concept assemble have major one batch to design ability and administrative ability, be brave in to develop the person with ability of enterprising.
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