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How to part abb fiber stand or fall and character trait
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One, woolen line density
Abb fibrous concern of property of line density and each physics is very big. General abb is finer, its line density is evener, intensity is higher, curly much, scale is close, burnish is downy, fat sweat content is high, but length slants short. Because this line density is the main index of stand or fall of decision abb character. Density of abb fiber line is small be helpful for becoming gauze puissant mix gauze dry. But when meticulous abb spinning easier generation defect. The character of line density and aba mixes abb fibrous style relationship is very close also.
Commonly used expression the index of abb line density has number of average diameter, character and Tekesi to count. If can get number of fiber diameter root to distributing, usable diameter coefficient of variation will express density of a batch of woolen lines not divide evenly circumstance.
Difference of abb fibrous diameter is very big, the finest downy diameter makes an appointment with 7 μ M, the thickest diameter can amount to 240 μ M. Go up in same root abb namely, diametical difference also can amount to 5~6 μ M. The matter that creates difference of abb line density is very complex, the growth of the variety that has a sheep, age, sexual distinction, wool place and raise a condition to wait.
Be in same on ovine body, the wool with humeral ministry is the finest, the wool take second place of body side, cervical, back, neck, hip is mixed before abdominal hair is thicker, the hair of bottom of laryngeal, crus, rear is the thickest.
Character number is the expression that long-term continue to use comes down in abb course of study an index of abb line density. Trade tradely at present, wool spinning industry classifications mediumly, the formulate that makes a technology, serve as important basis with character number. Go up century, trade all through the ages uses character of woolen of organic law assess. On spinning equipment mixes the international meeting ground of century end at that time the requirement of spinning technology level and wool yarn character, the number of imperial combing wool yarn that may spin all sorts of line density abb actually calls character number, will show the actor of low quality of abb character with this. As the development of science and technology, the improvement of spinning method, rise to study working progress with fiber function ceaselessly to what textile character asks, abb character number already lost its sense before gradually. Current, woolen character number shows average diameter only the abb inside some limits is fineness index.
2, abb fibrous length
Because abb fiber is natural curly existence, its length can be divided for natural length and unbend length. Fasciculus is in natural and curly below, the linear distance between two end calls natural length, use commonly show wool clump length. Abb fiber eliminate is curly, the length after unbend calls unbend length. Use unbend length in wool spinning production.
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