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Healthy and clad common sense, bought new clothes to use saline bath first
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The summer, various dress full of beautiful things in eyes. After some people are buying new clothes, wash with clear water only, do not wash even wear.
It is clean that they think new clothes wants the bag that pack to was not torn open only, in fact this kind of practice very not wholesome, the likelihood on the dress with other bacteria, contain formaldehyde possibly still, formaldehyde can maintain dress appearance, but harmful to human body.
After the dress is cleaned, a lot of person concern fade. Have a simple method actually, that uses weak brine dip to wash new clothes namely.
Zhou Shaoning of secretary-general of Chinese clothing association:
Summer clothings is cotton goods more, lubricious prison is spent is not very strong, bath is easy fade. Wash new clothes to be able to be disinfected simply with weak brine bubble antiseptic, have fixed firm lubricious effect, can prevent cotton cloth to fade. What need reminds is, brine can be disinfected simply only, cannot remove formaldehyde. General dress contains formaldehyde, but should not exceed mark to won't endanger health only, because this everybody should buy the clothes of normal manufacturer production.