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Comfortable frock waves the flower is sweet in all chart today Xia Lang overflow
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Chun Xia's dress is tie-in this year, continue on line last year on Qiu Dong wide lay the narrow, tie-in principle that gets on next loose tightening, so whole, no matter the clothing lines of the upper part of the body is long edition short still place, it is the outline that goes comfortable, jacket of type of sundry baby outfit, short foreign outfit, shirt, knitting is foreign frock of outfit, short body (Blouse) ... etc, it is line of waist of on wings disagreement, bosom entirely slightly wide dress design, wearing in sorching summer, relaxed all the more and comfortable.

Because high-grade brand and girl hand-me-down have annals to move toward lines of state of wide cut umbrella together, the uniqueness that shows dress material in fine point is the place that simple sense sees true order, accordingly, the dress design this year does not stress agile line, alone amplitude of Zhong Piao ease, it is the delicate processing that devotes oneself to to be in the uniqueness of dress material and detail place more at the same time, can complete set off by contrast gives female soft beauty's romantic one side; Bigger gain is, do not emphasize the clipping of girth, alvine person and pail waist got saving atone for, and the beautiful woman with slight brothers it is to be very popular more, the word of tie-in appropriate, can wear a famous model local color that chooses high easily. As a result of this year the character of Chun Xia dress material, it is to apply yarn and snow to spin in great quantities wait cool buoyant material for making clothes, besides have frivolous hang down object besides the character of sexual beautiful, also have penetrable visual effect, cooperate again today processing of cloth cover of silk of the mesh of summerly popularity, bud, suit very much mutiple level of type wear write collocation. And the processing part of detail, arm is the key place that has childishness and design sex most, hubble-bubble sleeve, balloon sleeve, small the design such as a lantern sleeve appears in great quantities; Get model also be a special skill, square mouth of extraordinary this year popularity is gotten model (pour ㄇ word) namely, with cuff, a lot of jacket collarband use edging of sky of meticulous cotton cloth detailed, lace, beautiful form and bud silk adornment, create the lightsome and elegant wind that gives agravic sense together with soft dress material.

Besides, wind place also has a mystery, the towel gourd that lifts by Chloe and Marc Jacobs is gotten, petaline falbala, decorate wind with the button, also be used in great quantities by each brand. Make a comprehensive view and narrate, because this one season emphasizes getting particularly, sleeve, with the design sex before the bosom, timely comfortable girth can cause too fat to move probably or was being transferred on the vision is to pregnant is in the misgive of the body, at the same time flexible dress detail is handled, also make the dress of this one season sends out a distinctive female glamour.
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