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Week of Hong Kong fashionable dress is newest eye shot: Ponder 2008 Chun Xia
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Model deduces the newest work of stylist on week of Hong Kong fashionable dress

Crouched beautiful field a few days repeatedly, with a few the person of the same trade removes each design a little, happen to coincide unexpectedly the ground sends favorable bill to Hong Kong stylist -- the innovation of the wind of pure and fresh India of Cecilia Yau, Peter Lau " paper make water piece " , the graduate that is grain industry college even is exhibited, of the media public figure that also won these half professional eye praise. Come to a beautiful abroad than a few every time stylist, two Hong Kong stylist this second expression can be individual character to highlight.

   The romance of ◎ Cecilia Yau accompanies passion

Before half romance, second half passion, cecilia says, smooth from musically you can have been experienced. With evening dress the design is given priority to dozen, this, cecilia Yau plays had Indian palace wind, it is nostalgic impress everywhere, mixing light classic beauty, delicate and gentle style is full of among them, and of ending is sexy and active colour however.

Did not go on a special trip Indian go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures, cecilia Yau is smooth by the India in impression, the design gives this a series of dress. The begin of long skirt of ground of goose yellow drag appears adumbrative colour becomes the biggest hotspot, cecilia says, she is designed with field mint green wait for the secret touch that is just like the colour like Indian flavor to behave Indian spy to have, "Seem " 1001 night " artistic conception. " the treasure blue of indicative mystery, gray often appears, and the accretion of a few pink makes whole set downy a lot of.

Material is qualitative the contrast that goes up to emphasize dumb light and glitter once more it seems that. Scattering on fabrics of jacquard weave, printing more or less bead piece, happen to have the same view with stylist of a few Korea, it seems that, the flashy element of summer of next year spring goes afterwards follow on current, but may from whole body ablaze become flake ornament to give priority to, appear lightsome fair maiden a few.

Lumbar line is compared before more rise, for the sake of spinning body form, a few casual plait, and before short hind long design, the evening dress that gives classic romance increased modern face opening, wearing the model of evening dress, wearing on each hand set show the fashionable dress watch that get, colour is differ, special and harmonious collocation.

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