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Lucky Europe: Spin function changes clothing fabrics
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"Like a lot of welcome products, present clothing fabrics also needs a function to change, the high-grade fabrics that we produce besides beautiful, comfortable, add still have fight bacterium, fight ultraviolet ray, except flavour, anti-fouling wait for special function, will satisfy all sorts of requirement of the consumer on current domestic and international market. " recently, beautiful square investor Mr Ke Yixi builds building site in limited company of printing of lucky Europe spin, to the reporter brief the place of content of science and technology that elaborated company investment to produce item of high-grade knitted piece goods.

According to introducing, the limited company of printing of lucky Europe spin in be being built is a Sino-US joint ventures, long day by luck industrial limited company and American KUA TEXTILE INC invest 12.5 million dollar to establish jointly, treatment is arranged after its build a project to change fiber and production of high-grade spin fabrics to reach for the function, can produce per year 5 million meters of high-grade knitted piece goods to reach year of printing 10 million meters of knitted piece goods, the new-style industry of the domain of key of industrialization of new and high technology that belongs to current state and me to save preferential development. Mr Ke Yixi says, this American KUA TEXTILE INC moves whole industry to go up the Hangzhou bay of anxiety turns labour garden area subtly, and with " luck longs day " the collaboration that pull a hand, those who take a fancy to is the labour market of the investment climate here, situation and China. Should say, this one project also is American company undertakes 30 old mature projects, already had pair of production of the most popular and high-grade fabrics on more than 10000 kinds of international and capacity of printing and dyeing, its technology level is on lead position in the United States.

"Carry from American company the equipment that come arrived entirely now, 4 Japan engineer also came over, the most crucial is complete of breakfast of construction of company factory building, talent is some earlier put into production. " the technical issue that Mr Ke Yixi builds a project to be in appears have a well-thought-out plan, but project plan still makes him a bit anxious. Actually, this project from last year the bottom begins project approving to prepare, predict this year in August the middle ten days of a month, the workshop of 18 thousand square metre and infrastructure build will all complete, begin to install equipment, to the end of October but put into production. The construction speed of project of this one project already let a person give no cause for more criticism.

It is reported, before this, american KUA TEXTILE INC already owned network of quite extensive and firm high quality client, the collaboration that returned as well-known as the international such as American GAP, FOREVER21 trademark to build long-term stability concerns, sale channel is unusually wide extensive, product market prospect is very bright. "; PageSize=3000; flag=1;
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