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Label of dress of 4 batches of exit is unqualified textile is illegal entrepot t
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This year 1, June, yantai examines quarantine bureau examines in dress of export dry goods in quarantine, in all fish marks 4 batches unqualified illegal transit dress.

As we have learned, department of Commerce already exported an enterprise to issue a bulletin to dress of domestic dry goods, the producing area proof that forbidden enterprise uses the Three Kingdoms or zone, label to to Chinese textile exit sets bounds United States and European Union to have illegal entrepot trade. The basis is Sino-US, medium Europe textile forgives memorandum, about the processing regulation of illegal transit activity, after classics both sides is checked and consulting, once illegal transit is affirmatory, will right in those days or the countrywide agreement gross of below one year is done wait for a quantity to deduct, mean a business violate compasses general to bring about whole industry be punished directly.

Concerned expert reminds Yantai textile dress processes a business, must cause height to take seriously, carry out a country strictly to concern a provision, in order to close to health of trade of textile of imports and exports develops. "; PageSize=3000; flag=1;