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India comes now China investigate my silk dumping
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Begin to be collected to my silk enterprise with means of lowest price limit in Indian respect after opposing dumping tax, we are trying hard to be opposite in this picket India China on the close a case returning do all one can with highest amount " break up dish " . Reporter of Shanghai Oriental morning paper learns yesterday, two officials will have Indian side now oneself, to me company of two experience record undertakes be checkinged on the spot, and the nucleus checks this case is cut into parts eventually will have main effect.

Reporter of Shanghai Oriental morning paper concerns a personage to be in know from chamber of commerce of Chinese textile imports and exports, two officials of Indian respect already arrived at Beijing afternoon yesterday, with respect to India the silken to Hua Si close a case that return do all one can undertakes be checkinged on the spot. Two officials will go to investigation of chamber of commerce of textile imports and exports above all, will go to company of Zhejiang benefit grand and Sichuan silk company to undertake be checkinged on the spot subsequently.

This personage tells a reporter, imprint square two officials go to chamber of commerce this on a special trip, will understand silk to produce the market condition of flow and silk industry to chamber of commerce, whether to give Chinese silk in order to consider the company " market economy position " . And to the enterprise check, basically will be to see the questionnaire data that the enterprise submits whether be accorded with with actual condition.

Occupy the personage inside course of study to divulge, this India mentions to Chinese silk turn over dumping investigation, chamber of commerce and enterprise undertook active and effective counterplea, in sample and should appeal to the respect such as the qualification to be striven for for the enterprise most golden eggs. In the meantime, this case also was caused in imprint bilateral height takes seriously.

This case stands last year in May, every meters of gram that investigates a product to be China is in again the product of silks and satins of 100 grams of 20 ~ , investigation period is came in April 2003 in September 2004. Amount of record of this case experience amounts to 180 million dollar, be opposite for India China a the amount in the close a case that return do all one can is highest.

This year on April 27, my silk dumping is cut into parts to hold water at the beginning of Indian respect, still denied the market economy position of Chinese enterprise applies for, the dumping profit margin of sampling enterprise is 5 China that should appeal to 57.42% ~ 115.74% differ, additionally 22 average dumping profit margin that should tell a company are 107.91% . India investigates mechanism to return a decision, the means that uses lowest price limit is collected oppose dumping tax -- the C.I.F that asks China exports a product namely must be achieved imprint the lowest price limit that just raises, otherwise will with balance complemental means pay opposes dumping tax.
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