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Amount of quota of Beijing part textile can borrow beforehand
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Bureau of Beijing business affairs was announced external recently, beijing will be right the textile quota of 7 categories adopts 2006 year to borrow way beforehand. Apply for the company that lends beforehand, beard will borrow a result to sign up for bureau of Beijing business affairs with written form beforehand before August 9 office of foreign trade government. Written application asks to make clear code of 10 code of 13 company name, imports and exports, custom and application to borrow a category to wait beforehand. According to introducing, can export permissive amount this to basically originate temporarily for what borrow beforehand the part wins quota but do not contact the company that go up, and the enterprise that hands in quota actively partly. The enterprise obtains in borrowing an amount to will permit quantitative allocation 2007 beforehand, give wait for a quantity to deduct. In the meantime, the enterprise must not borrow an amount to turn again beforehand. (Xie Yong pen) "; PageSize=3000; flag=1;