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Zhejiang is spun match the price to drop drop endlessly the market clinchs a dea
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From this month 5 days be defeated by invite public bidding of agreement of quota of beautiful textile is defeated by Europe the 3rd times this year only between 2 climate, from Zhejiang enterprise of much home spin learns, afterwards will be defeated by price of quota of Europe, textile conveying the beauty to dive than the beginning of the year in May 40% hind, price of quota of textile of near future Zhejiang falls defeat again, with the beginning of the year highest trade valence photograph compares fall already was in 80% , individual quota bids under the lowest of invite public bidding of of all kinds agreement that at present Department of Commerce announces even valence.

"The quota price of unlined upper garment of 1 dozen of T-shirts is in 0.5, 0.6 dollars -- although be in ' of ' quota period, this also is infrequent " , according to pursueing foreign trade Yang Rong of vise general manager of limited company of underwear of Ya alizarin red introduces the Zhejiang of 20 one's remaining years, at present Zhejiang transports 4 kinds of dry goods of Europe (basically be T-shirt unlined upper garment) quota makes over valence to be 0.5, 0.6 dollars / dozen, drop again than the 3 dollars May 80% the left and right sides, when comparing the beginning of the year highest fry sale price 5 dollars fall nearly 9 into, the A of this kinds of textile that announces under Department of Commerce even kind lowest bids valence 0.72 dollars, only B of summary prep above kind 0.24 dollars.

Not come singly but in pairs, 352/652 conveying the beauty (cotton and chemical fibber make underwear) with 349/649 (cotton is made reach chemical fibber to make corsage) quota, in the cession of Zhejiang market at present valence also is respectively 0.6, 0.7 dollars / dozen, 1.2 dollars / dozen, on the net that compares the beginning of the year highest fry sale price 5 dollars, 5.5 dollars fell about 80% , latter cession valence already was less than the half that marks a price in lowest first this year. As we have learned, the evidence that price of quota of other category textile also appears to drop quickly mostly.

Industry public figure discloses, although spin quota price " low unusual " , but at present the market clinchs a deal to still be in low wander. Yang Rong thinks, main reason is quota price begins to fluctuate considerably from the beginning of the year, " textile drawback is reduced " the talk is constant and product cost rises etc, numerous extensive the difficulty that Zhejiang spins look forward to to get Euramerican order directly is increased.

Ning Bohua makes rich the Lai Ke of ministry of foreign trade of knitting limited company says, the company divides to 5000 or so this year lose quota of 4 kinds of textile of Europe, up to now still nowhere is usable, basically be not to take Euramerican order form, "If have more than is needed is returned before the end of the year, the quota that affects next year possibly again allocates. " look in him, the South Asia country such as opposite India, Bangladesh, at present a few textile already lost Zhejiang price advantage, foreign order appears to transfer or be cut down substantially. To this kind of phenomenon, individual and well-known company appears quieter. "Company the quota this year is insufficient, buy from the market even, " according to line of business of hose of Zhejiang dream graceful knitting chief of department of limited company foreign trade introduces, this company shares this year 332/632 conveying the beauty (main sock) quota 2 million dozens, invite public bidding obtains 300 thousand dozens, "Current, these 2.3 million dozens are gone already, still put in bigger gap. " this controller expresses, company and Euramerican and well-known trademark have long-term cooperation, can digest cost pressure basically.
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