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Recast of Henan textile seek is brilliant
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In November 2005, henan province government held complete province in Nanyang textile industry develops an informal discussion, on the meeting, the word of governor Li Chengyu gave Henan entrepreneur people with confidence: "Very long period of time, a few people think textile industry is flat, textile industry is industry of the setting sun, carry out a proof, textile industry is well worth doing, must know textile industry afresh the position in Henan industrialization and action. " spin enterprise does not lose popular confidence, enterprise of above of dimensions of complete first half of the year 2006 province 917, than last year the corresponding period increases 140, accumulative total finishs gross value of industrial output 30.6 billion yuan, grow 32.19% compared to the same period, tower above of more average than the whole nation level 8.49 percent; Production value of the sale that finish 29.6 billion yuan, grow 32.10% compared to the same period; Rate of product production and marketing is achieved 96.63% .

Regard Henan as the grand opera of textile, zhengzhou textile ases if one experienced life the person of the vicissitudes of life of 100 condition, taste joys and sorrows of life, scene passes, also desolate passes. Fortunately, nowadays, it found the opportunity that turn over again: Of area of textile industry garden start, let spirit of personage of numerous Henan spin one brace up.

   ● on April 28, 2006 -- the mark that Zhengzhou textile revives

This year on April 28 morning, in the area of garden of Zhengzhou textile industry that is surrounded by cornfield, day of noisy of gong and drum, "Weigh male wind of spin of Zhen Zheng city, again casting Zhengzhou spin is brilliant " gigantic catchphrase makes sound with the wind, new plant area of limited company of Zhengzhou peaceful in relief spin lays a foundation here, become a home to join the company that is stationed in area of garden of Zhengzhou textile industry. A lot of people are in new plant area of peaceful in relief spin of garden of Zhengzhou textile industry lay a foundation the mark that regards Zhengzhou textile as to revive.

New plant of afterwards peaceful in relief spin is entered in garden of Zhengzhou textile industry after be stationed in, assistant director of base of Zhengzhou textile industry grows Zhu Zengchang to divulge, again many 120 travelling merchant comes round to negotiate, among them 86 enterprises have be stationed in intent.

The century on ● 90 time -- brilliant the anguish after struggles

Before reviving time of more than 10 years, zhengzhou textile is in anguish all the time in struggling.

Wang Shaorong of secretary-general of province spin guild tells a reporter, henan textile basically is centered at provincial capital Zhengzhou, in brilliant period, zhengzhou textile ever was in to rate of local financial contribution 60% above. 1954, one factory builds Zhengzhou country cotton test-drive. In August 1955, zhengzhou country cotton 3 factories are formal put into production. Back-to-back move is Zhengzhou country cotton machinery plant of spin of province of printing and dyeing mill of 4 factories, 5 factories, 6 factories, Zhengzhou, Henan... Zhengzhou textile forms a whole industry basically from this catenary. Arrive " 25 " during, textile has become the economic pillar of Zhengzhou city. Memory of person of an old spin says, zhengzhou is whole at that time circumference of textile industry area 6 square kilometer, halt have main force of industry of 100 thousand spin, become one of the whole nation's famous textile industry base.
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