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"Quota " churn Zhongshan dress exports pattern
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"Make dress exit you, can stand the day that does not have quota how! " the reporter has gotten the mail that promotes dress to export quota the 5th times (reporter Ceng Zaiyi exports statistical website to register) . Quota, become can touch dress to utter enterprise nerval word most!

According to the relevant agreement of our country and European Union, United States, since January 2006, our country to be defeated by an European Union 10 kinds of textile are mixed be defeated by 21 kinds of textile of United States to must undertake permissive quantitative management, the enterprise obtains export quota through outstanding achievement allocation and open invite public bidding. The reporter examines from Zhongshan quarantine bureau understands, new quota system implements half an year, ground of deep already administrative levels churned the dress of the our city exports pattern, present an a lot of new characteristic.

   Average unit price rises 28%

According to statistic, zhongshan city via examining quarantine gives profess to convinced to install 25909 batches in all first half of the year this year, in all one hundred and thirty-six million and twenty-five thousand, with photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year (similarly hereinafter) drop respectively 5.4% with 15.2% , however money worth increased 8.5% however, goods total value four hundred and thirty-three million eight hundred and fifty-two thousand dollar, average export unit price grew 28% . This is outlet of our city clothing appears first the quantity cheapens add a phenomenon.

Expert analysis, appear this kind of phenomenon basically has 3 reasons: The first it is Zhongshan city spins look forward to to adjust product structure conciously, develop to deep treatment and direction of high additional cost, reduce the production of product of cheap, low additional cost and export, make money worth corresponding rise somewhat; Secondly as a result of Euramerican protect especially set be restricted, the company raised to buy the fare of quota, want to raise dress price accordingly; The 3rd be the sources of energy of Yuan Fucai makings, water and electricity rise in price, the RMB appreciates reach labor cost rise wait for a variety of elements, force an enterprise to undertake estimation to producing cost afresh, make product exit monovalent rise.

To Euramerican exit considerably " diving "

Euramerican in setting the influence that is restricted to bring to be occupied in all computation, show without involuntary discharge of urine. First half of the year, zhongshan city is defeated by caparison to install 8.534 million via examining, goods is worth 49.06 million dollar; Dress is defeated by Europe 7.953 million, goods is worth 45.43 million dollar. Drop respectively to the amount of Euramerican exit and money worth nearly 50% reach 20% .

"Quota is too big to our influence. " Zhongshan city amounts to Huang Zhizhong of president of limited company of imports and exports newly to say to the reporter, "Quota is used not quite, our exit steps forward dimension difficult. " as we have learned, in 2006 year textile exit permits invite public bidding of quantitative first time in, only 137 enterprises put forward Zhongshan city and obtain invite public bidding to permit, 59 enterprises win the bid finally. Many medium and small businesses fails to obtain quota, this affected an our city badly to be exported to Euramerican dress undoubtedly.
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