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American Gap is in " shop of T- compensate unlined upper garment " roll out " in
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The activity of sales promotion of advertisement of the 2nd autumn of Gap is named to be " T - shop of compensate unlined upper garment " , the key publicizes our company ego expression and unlined upper garment of personalized T- compensate. This propagandist center is the diversity feature of T- compensate unlined upper garment, these products include the style of a lot of music people and fashionable personage.

Gap sells vice-president Kyle Andrew to say, t- compensate unlined upper garment has become the final carrier that ego conveys. Gap today autumn T - feel well of range of products holds the post of compensate unlined upper garment when to be awaited. Arrive from candy strip rock and roll graph, gap will introduce product of a lot of new styles to consumer, help consumer express individual character.

The sales promotion season with the closest Gap includes picture of advertisement of black and white printing. There is a celebrity to wear the unlined upper garment of Gap T- compensate that he likes most in every photograph, reveal his individual character elegant demeanour.

This the purpose of sales promotion activity is to be hit " individual character banzai " advertisement word, figure of every sales promotion has a series of colors, be like your expression, your spirit, your demeanour, every kinds of style shows a kind of enthusiasm.

This sales promotion activity still has a series of unique artistic figure features, if come from famous artist. "Shop of T- compensate unlined upper garment " activity of presswork sales promotion will roll out a magazine September, include Vanity Fair, elle, inStyle, vogue and GQ.

In Gap bazaar, autumn " T - shop of compensate unlined upper garment " it is all sorts of style T - of compensate unlined upper garment one-stop purchase destination, you can find the product of own intention here. You can discover a new space in Gap bazaar, here filled up with and newest T - compensate unlined upper garment, have all sorts of styles and series product, still have whole color set.

The T here - design of compensate unlined upper garment is original, fabrics softness, quality is high-grade. Strong and weak points of unlined upper garment of lady T- compensate is diverse, a little longer, grow in some, still have just arrive between the waist.

Activity of sales promotion of individuation of Ji of unlined upper garment of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces will in August 16 - hold 19 days in Hollywood and downy shop, the sales promotion activity of new York city will on August 24 - 26 days in Gap the 59th hold with Lexington ave shop. "; PageSize=3000; flag=1;