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500 kg for the orphans and disabled children to knit wool waiting for you to rec
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Winter is coming, let us for the orphans and disabled children weaving a "warmer" brand sweater! 19, the China Children and Teenagers Fund, the Provincial Women's Federation and other agencies launched a search for orphans and disabled children, parents love knitting sweaters activities.

A mass of wool, representing a caring heart, a sweater, weaving a warm truth. The event raised a total of 500 kilograms of love wool, these yarns will be distributed to mothers who love, love woven sweaters to donate to give orphans and disabled children. If you want to dedicate a love for these children to connect to the Yucai Road, Yanta District, 57 children in the Department of Provincial Women's Federation to receive yarn (After receiving so far), telephone (029) 85581964,85581950. Loving parents, after receiving the yarn, knitting sweaters to complete as soon as possible to the Provincial Women's Federation, the Provincial Women's Federation will be sent to the unified organization of the orphans and disabled children, child welfare and other places.