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Dongguan gal Cheng Mao knits limited company
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Position of invite applications for a job: Hair the manager that knit a ministry No. 254 Issue date: 2007-5-25 9:11:35 enrols a tenure to be restricted: Contact of a week: Area of work of Liu Zhengmao: Dongguan connects a telephone call: 0769-83529311 fax: 0769-83529313 email: Contact an address: Industrial district of hole of dragon of stone of town of pace of small house of Guangdong province Dongguan Zhen beautiful market (postcode: ) requirement of record of formal schooling: High school major asks: Do not be restricted sexual requirement: Do not be restricted age requirement: Do not be restrictedPosition is described (Job Descriptions) Gal contains knitting limited company is one of companies of production of wool unlined upper garment with medium-sized Dongguan, produce per year wool unlined upper garment 2 million above, product 70% exit are Euramerican. To satisfy the market demand that increases domestic and internationally increasingly, invite sincerely fine public figure to join in company, conspire to develop. Show sincere action to send the manager that knit a ministry, intended person send resume please (send resume with fax or electric mail please! Close to be made an appointment with see)

Hold a post requirement: 1, record of formal schooling of high school above; 2, expressive capability is strong, the job has enthusiasm and intense emotion; 3, have unlined upper garment of wool of 2 years of above loom or seam dish of experience; 4, production of the hair outside having unlined upper garment of wool of 2 years of above manages successful experience; 5, those who know above of 100 workers dimensions knit seam much home of factory of the unlined upper garment that carry wool.