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Xin luxuriant wool is knitted make the garment limited company
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Position of invite applications for a job: Woollen sweater design No. 253 Issue date: 2007-6-11 0:00:00 enrols a tenure to be restricted: Contact of a month: Area of work of Cao Zhiyi: Other connects a telephone call: 13377872291 fax: 027-85885990 email: Contact an address: Area of Jiang Han of Hubei province Wuhan (postcode: ) requirement of record of formal schooling: Do not be restricted professional requirement: Do not be restricted sexual requirement: Do not be restricted age requirement: Do not be restrictedPosition is described (Job Descriptions) Wool of 2 years of 1, above knits design work experience, familiar wool knits all sorts of craft, knit character to have deep knowledge to wool, market information acumen. New thing of more of can bold attempt.

2. Design vogue, beautiful girl to install, the style is distinctive, simple and individualize.

3. Design concept is original the distinctive, popular trend that can join the market.

4, have certain design innovation capacity, work serious and careful, behave well; Disposition is optimistic, be good at utterance and character communicating, have stronger group mind.