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Shenzhen limited company of Yi Shangxun clothing
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Position of invite applications for a job: Business elite No. 260 Issue date: 2007-7-11 14:10:54 enrols a tenure to be restricted: Long-term and effective contact: Area of Miss Zhang work: Shenzhen connects a telephone call: 0755-86121369 fax: 0755-86121369 email: Contact an address: South Guangdong province Shenzhen a mountainous area (postcode: ) requirement of record of formal schooling: High school major asks: Do not be restricted sexual requirement: Do not be restricted age requirement: Do not be restrictedPosition is described (Job Descriptions) The requirement knows sweater raw material and craft slightly, 1-2 year accept the order experience, the person that have Shenzhen and periphery or resource of foreign trade client is preferential consideration. Good development space.