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For the orphans and disabled children to knit "event response by many people fl
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In recent days, as by the Tianjin Women's Federation, Evening News, City Women and Children Foundation jointly organized the "Warm welcome Year of the Rabbit sowing love action" one of the "for the orphans and disabled children to knit" activities in the public in a big hit . As of press time, 750 kg yarn have all been led away, 1500 love began knitting sweaters, while the community donated more than 300 new pieces of sweaters, donations, more than 100,000 yuan. These days, more than 1,800 people to the City Women and Children Foundation, braided collar or direct donations of new sweaters for the city orphans and disabled children, orphans and Yushu Xian Hotan caring for children with disabilities. Yesterday morning, he was Chairman Mao met 7 times this year, 76-year-old has been a national model worker Zhang Shizhen, and three equally over seventy years old model workers Guo Yu W, Sun Lihua, Wang Yuqin unanimously to donate Department, received a 2.5 kg wool . Among them, the 71-year-old model workers GUO most notably wide, Though he was a grandfather, weaving sweaters to more than many young women are also agile. "I knit technology, is a child with the People's Liberation Army to learn. Although we age, but love never discount. We will stitch the love of orphans and disabled children, woven into the sweater inside." Flying old man while she alignment from time to time everyone stopped to do demonstrations, "before the end of five 'model worker card' love sweater turned over to ensure on time."