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4 had to wear hip sweater coat how how popular the U.S.
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Rough heavy knitting, as the present trend of industry hot elements, but from the style, shape, or even weave the rich and varied than ever before. Large profile of the heavy hip length knit jacket used to create the warmth of fashion. In short, in the winter, has had a hip trendy sweater coat with style and warm is definitely a smart choice. Fashion Analysis: students want to wear clothing like the innocent look, choose cardigan worn with a plaid shirt, practical and classic. To take the rough with the style of knitting, knit tights or leggings is essential. Accessories in the students can choose to have the same temperament cylinder shoulder bag. Fashion Resolution: If you do not wear chiffon with enough hot pants, cardigan with shell money can continue to cope with the cold air, hot season is also suitable for knitted stockings that look. Fashion Analysis: Slim black knit jacket with the same method of straight bar knitting dress, this dress inspired by the 2010 Winter T station, in order to avoid the bloated, a beam waist with a black belt is necessary. Liner can choose to close T-shirt or chiffon shirt. Fashion Resolution: The coat of the design concepts into sweaters, large lapel collar design for any type of the mix together, designed for style and long pants with a pencil. If a long section with the pearl necklace can be more than capable of a soft.