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Help girl: Korean series were white sweater + jacket dressing method was thin
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Clothing to help girl: yellowing of the skin is more obvious in winter indeed, daily skin care with appropriate make-up will allow MM were accompanied by exquisite face. Cold winter, cotton, sweaters, boots are the typical costumes, too thick cotton material to itself "plump" figure is fat on the lap. Indeed, waist coat effect was immediate; Korean version of the skirt with the trend of improved European version, more suitable for Asian girls hip waist level; popular in the winter knitting less. Little change in the so-called smarter color must be avoided. Stress level is significantly thin and color was white at all. Outspoken nature girl The age of each person is really a black silk stockings do not want to try, choose to express themselves the same pants charm. In the dark blue suit jacket with a tight waist hidden under fat. Black and white striped cuffs more decorative effect, choose a Susu white wool, light and warm natural look thin circle. A knit beret particularly cute cute decorative inlaid stones. By age effect 一级棒! Plain dress, structured, no fancy colors more vivid self outspoken girl! Able girl fresh Whether work or school MM, a capable dress must be prepared fresh Oh. De black belt coat was thin, short petite girl models are the first choice. White knitted sweater decorated in pearl collar attached, do not have lady style. Thighs of a Korean version of the trouble really help you knit dress Yigai solution, A Word version of form in the skirt circumference at an additional large, obvious sense of illusion, no significant thin strange! Big bag is also a coup, destroyed in the wrist to help block the transfer of your sight Oh! In fact, the whole body chic earrings are qualities you may wish to take it! Active and energetic girl Life inevitably choose a woolen shorts, more youthful vitality. Sometimes a little more subtle decoration to Yebian, rich lower body element, so that fur coat is no longer so little conspicuous. Top-heavy must say no! White small white fur coat than the S & P's best to look at and lovely to the whole body rigid tough lightness no sense of natural variation and natural comfort make you young and old. Lady innocent girl Moved a temperament of a man's heart is kill weapon. Most of the men fell to the innocent girl's good graces temperament. The brilliant color of winter, not summer, can also wear clothing pure temperament. Classic short jacket trimmed practical and wild, with patch pocket style skirt, so that you perform a big taste. Girls want to wear clothing section, a simple lace T-shirt and generous. Ankle boots with suede and trendy elements appropriate to wear. Which boyfriend saw the pure rustic temperament do you speak?