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Exposition of knitting of 2008 China International
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Extend meeting time: Came to exhibited on August 28, 2008 on August 26, 2008 address: Shanghai dragon in relief road sponsors an unit 2345 numbers: Association of industry of knitting of China of association of Chinese textile industry exhibits a place: Shanghai new international reads extensively central network address: Industry type: Female outfit postpones meeting brief introduction: Exposition of 2008 China International knitting
Date: In August 2008 26-28 day 26-28 August 2008
Place: Shanghai new international reads extensively Shanghai New International Expo Centre Shanghai of Shanghai of central China · , china
Sponsor an unit: Chinese textile industry association
Undertake unit: Branch of industry of spin of stimulative commission of trade of China International of association of trade of Chinese needle weaver
Exposition general situation
Came 28 days on August 26, 2008 exposition of China International knitting (ChinaKnitting) will with the whole world the 2nd everybody is spun exhibit -- textile of China International family expenses and complementary makings exposition (Intertextile Hometextile) at Shanghai new international reads extensively central the corresponding period is held with the house. At the appointed time product of terminal of two big spin appears with the stage, make the international platform of popular fashion and commercial trade jointly.

Chinese knitting gross value of industrial output already exceeded the 10% of textile industry total production value 2005; 15 during of knitting industry average year increase rate is 22% , first what reside whole textile; Dress of our country knitting exported amount to exceed tatting 2006, since coming true to found a state surmount first, at present countrywide knitting dress occupies the 52% that all dress produces, be apart from a developed country 65% still is having quite large growth space. Nevertheless, the way that the brand of enterprise of our country knitting changes construction is very long still, sale channel and products plan are the place that deserves us to be drawn lessons from to international person of the same trade.
Reviewed 2007
Sponsor by association of Chinese textile industry, the exposition of knitting of 2007 China International that branch of industry of spin of stimulative commission of trade of association of Chinese knitting industry, China International undertakes jointly in August 2007 29-31 day is in Shanghai new international reads extensively central success is held. Current exhibit can assemble 3 guns, namely department of ox of hair, ormosia, AB, copper, wave is ascended, rainbow of day of person of interest bully, cat, Gage, sea, Feng Zhu, 7 colour, depend on cotton, Jin Chen, the product involves underwear, bra, exercise body of recreational, T-shirt, model, socks kind, knitting face the many domains such as complementary makings, obtain industry of knitting of China of " of famous brand of China of " of underwear of the T-shirt, knitting, knitted piece goods, sock and " to provide all of " of competition ability enterprise to appear most, represented Chinese knitting industry top level. Side with target of functional sex knitwear to stride to conduct a business, drive relevant industry to develop to high-end market at the same time, current exhibit textile of function of " health care was held to standardize forum " and " during the meeting " of seminar of material of fiber of function of first health care, assemble industrial leader, expert and elite, collect new technology, new thinking, offer the development train of thought of professional class for relevant industry from industry point of view.
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