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Yarn of international of the 7th Shanghai reached fiber exhibition 2008
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Extend meeting time: Came to exhibited on September 1, 2008 on August 30, 2008 address: Shanghai smooth congress exhibits a center (road of water transport treasure 88) sponsor an unit: Head office of large foreign trade exhibits Chinese light a place: Shanghai smooth congress exhibits central network address: Industry type: Other postpone meeting brief introduction: Yarn kind: The circle is made up reach a horizontal stroke to make up the knitting yarn, tatting yarn, cotton yarn, wool yarn, silk yarn, hemp yarn, bounce yarn, beautiful type yarn, yarn that make the clothing, yarn that knit socks, industrial yarn, vestee yarn, mix.
Fiber kind: Fiber of fiber of fiber of synthetic fibre of short staple of yarn of long fiber of natural fiber yarn, chemical fiber yarn, natural fiber, chemical fibber, regenerated fiber, chemical fibber, man-made, cotton, wool fibre, hemp, special type.
Semi-manufactured goods: Gauze of all sorts of yarn and fibrous semi-manufactured goods, base, grey.
The design reachs manufacturing system: Card of color of system of CAD, auxiliary production, pattern input system, of all kinds spin, dress, example, CD, professional newspaper and magazine.

Contact an unit: Head office of large foreign trade contacts Chinese light address: Road of the Chinese and Western on Shanghai 1285 lane contact of 3 902-905 room: Phone of Li Tao: 021-34133429 fax: 021-34133421 E-mail: Baoyuxi_139#126.com remarks: