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International of Paul of emperor of the 57th Brazil makes clothing machinery and
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Extend meeting time: Came to exhibited on November 14, 2008 on November 11, 2008 address: Anhembi of Brazilian emperor Paul exhibits a center to sponsor an unit: Beijing international can exhibit Miaolante limited company exhibits a place: Anhembi of Brazilian emperor Paul exhibits central network address: Industry type: Other postpone meeting brief introduction: International of Paul of emperor of the 57th Brazil makes clothing machinery and fabrics exhibit FENATEC
57th International Textile Trade Fair (Spring/Summer)
Show a location: Center of exhibition of Anhembi of Brazilian emperor Paul
Show time: 11-14 day exhibited meeting cycle in March 2008: Annual
Sign up end day: Exhibit decide till
Limits of item on display:
Enginery: Textile industry machinery reachs unit, spin loom, garment industry machinery reachs equipment, assist sewing machine, nap sewing machine, decorate sewing machine, braiding machine, coil winding machine, make machine of line mechanism rope, spin fabrics machine, coloring reachs printing machine, iron hot machine, dryer, emollient, clipping machine
Spin category: Of all kinds textile, all sorts of homes spin fabrics, curtain cloth art, bedding, towel, rug, knitting, continous hemp goods, import dry goods, of all kinds dress, of all kinds fabrics, fashionable dress, dress, complementary makings is waited a moment.
Previous term or session is exhibited can data
Exhibit an area: The 52000 ginseng that make the same score rice postpone business: 931 home: 344 abroad: 587 the home
Attend number home: 37638 people; Abroad: 7762 people;
Exhibit can introduce:
Brazil held significant position in respect of spin manufacturing industry, in spin kind rank the 3rd, garment manufacturing industry is ranked the 6th, tiny bit kind of production production rank the 7th, common spin is ranked the 8th, brazilian spin bound by about 30 thousand enterprises, 15 thousand person is formed.
One year international of Brazilian emperor Paul makes clothing machinery and fabrics exhibit, held 56 already successfully up to now. Company of well-known Alcantara Machado exhibition undertakes. In Feburary 2007, the 55th is exhibited on the meeting, it will be rectified again and other 3 congener exhibit meeting, make its dimensions more expand. In of 2007 exhibit on the meeting, exhibited the gross area of the meeting to achieve 52000 smooth rice, exhibit business to also come from world each district, among them 931 postpone business for Brazilian place, of abroad postponing business was to achieve 5879 more, exhibited business always to exceed 6000. For one big grand meeting of Brazil! Of course, such exhibiting can sure meeting is attracted countless buy the home to come round to look around negotiate, the visiting business of 2007 also was to exceed 40 thousand. It is one nots allow to miss really exhibit meeting!
Attendant: Be confined to manufacturer, businessman, buy the home and the trade related to this industry from trade public figure, 16 years old of the following minor even if accompany in adult fall to also will be rejected. Show commercial calling card without fail please.
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