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Exposition of consumable of spring of 2006 Germany Frankfurt
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Extend meeting time: Came to exhibited on Feburary 14, 2006 on Feburary 10, 2006 address: German Frankfurt international exhibition center sponsors an unit: German Frankfurt international exhibits a center to exhibit a place: Network address of German Frankfurt international exhibition center: Industry type: Postpone meeting brief introduction: Spring of 2006 Germany Frankfurt consumable exposition
One, exhibit meeting address: Frankfurt exhibition center
2, show time: On Feburary 10, 2006 - 14 day
Annual the Frankfurt consumable that center of exhibition of international of Frankfurt of Germany of center of the 3rd big exhibition holds two Ji Yushi groups extends year is the exposition of high quality consumable with the largest scale on the world. Should be being exhibited is the center that each country enters information of the product that postpone business to communicate not only, also be the good place that broad ginseng exhibits business to know new client at the same time. Exhibit meeting statistic data according to Frankfurt, should exhibit 2003 exhibit an area to amount to 190, 000 square metre, the ginseng of 5000 travelling merchant that comes from 90 many countries and area is exhibited, recieve professional audience 153, the 000 travelling merchant of about 34% come from abroad. Showpiece content cent is 3 themes: The things on kitchen and desk, gift and headgear, furniture and picture frame. Cent exhibits an area for the most part: Interior decoration is tasted, the things on gift, kitchen and desk. During exhibiting, before sharing the 99000 person-time that come from 90 countries, go to look around, come from the audience beyond Germany to amount to 18000 person-time among them, basically have the traveling trader of Sweden, France, Italy, Belgian, Luxembourg, Austria, England, Spain and United States, Japan, Korea, China and Israel. There is 4 in all 2004, 632 ginseng postpone business, the ginseng outside its China postpones business 3, 132, the audience is amounted to 143, 521 person-time, exhibition area is amounted to 190, 993 square metre. Begin from 2004, this exposition added kinds of big line of the products newly, include a garden furniture and all sorts of trendy small act the role of those who taste inside all sorts of practical decorate things with beautiful household. Additionally one kind big is of all kinds little housekeeping money is tasted. Should be being exhibited can be the main platform that China consumes kind of product business to export Europe and even world. The look of things of European economy progress is good in recent years, the cost increase rate that buys a consumer goods is adjacent 2% , each country travelling merchant gathers exhibit meeting, commerce negotiates very active. The official name that the Chun Bo of Frankfurt meets is exhibition of Ambiente spring consumable, this exhibition at annual spring time is held in Frankfurt, this is an exhibition that has leader place.
Contact an unit: German Frankfurt international exhibits a center to contact an address: Contact: Phone of Zhou Xia Lynn: 021-56557521 13916489835 fax: 021-56559981 E-mail: Zxusashow@163.com remarks:
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