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Fair of trade of textile of dress of 2008 Shanghai international
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Extend meeting time: Came to exhibited on March 27, 2008 on March 25, 2008 address: Shanghai new international reads extensively center (Yang Lu of Shanghai Pudong dragon 2345) sponsor an unit: Organizing committee of Cultural Festival of Shanghai international dress exhibits a place: Shanghai new international reads extensively central network address: Industry type: Postpone meeting brief introduction: FASHION Shanghai 2008

Fair of trade of textile of Shanghai international dress
Shanghai International Clothing & Textile Exp
Came on March 25, 2008 27 day
Shanghai of Chinese Shanghai · is new international reads extensively center

A commerce platform that expanding quickly in China and perfects
Sponsor an unit
Shanghai international dress Cultural Festival organizing committee
Undertake unit
Shanghai spin technology serves an exhibition center

An ideal channel of development market
Fashion Shanghai 2008 is in those days one of professional exhibition that complete first quarter China implements scale most. , will highlight " trade cooperates " tenet, already won the wide recognition of industry, becoming the essential commerce platform of textile of fabrics of the high grade dress that has international grade level, spin, family expenses stage by stage.
It also is one of significant activities of Cultural Festival of Shanghai international dress, it is the professional trade activity of the dress dry goods that Shanghai gets exclusively municipal government supports,
Fashion Shanghai 2008 will with its high quality, the service of high level, offer superexcellent place and business chance to enter the trade activity that postpones business, make exposition is become truly ginseng exhibit business and buy the commerce bridge between the home.
Powerful major buys a resource
Purchase business to extend through 150 thousand when go out choicely inside the database invitation letter.
The clothing company that covers the whole nation and Asia, home is spun purchase enterprise and each big spin trading company, agent to wait.
Cooperate technically with the abroad orgnaization that buy the home, invite North America jointly large trading company attends a meeting negotiate.
Abundance professional activity
Spot of each large trade thumb holds latest technology report, the trend is released, occupation standard is released, lead the market new technology direction

High grade supplier catenary
From yarn - fabrics / the home is spun - complementary makings - dress, 1500 outstanding suppliers exhibit FASHION SHANGHAI concentration give the most high grade product
Function of green of 2008 themes · is fashionable
2007 general situationGinseng of textile of fabrics of beautiful spin of L 1500 Yu Jiayou, family expenses, dress exhibits business to come from 12 countries and area, gather together Shanghai Pudong new international reads extensively center. Among them: 212 the home, childen's garments exhibit dress fabrics of 68 the home, spin postpones business business 773 the home, high-grade complementary makings postpones business 157 the home, yarn / fiber postpones business textile of 71 the home, family expenses postpones business 172 the home, stylist 31 the home, other postpone business more than 50. L 50000 square metre exhibits, item on display covers dry goods of fabrics of dress, spin, family expenses, high-grade complementary makings, yarn, commerce becomes a quantity greatly
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