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12th Ready To Show
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Extend meeting time: Came to exhibited on Feburary 17, 2008 on Feburary 15, 2008 address: Superstudio Piu' Via Tortona 27, milan, italy sponsors an unit: of Italian Milan guild exhibits a place: Superstudio Piu' Via Tortona 27, milan, italy network address: Industry type: Postpone meeting brief introduction: The dress that READY TO SHOW is a major is purchased meeting. Big profit of its mark act carefully exhibits what business opens the first times to global dress meeting, postpone business to global dress one basically buys the home with Europe directly (importer, demesne brand, large shopkeeper is given priority to) osculatory opportunity.
Ginseng of READY TO SHOW exhibits a category to include: Dress of female outfit, men's clothing, childen's garments, sprotswear, underwear, swimsuit, leather, knitting dress and dress fittings (scarf, cravat, vanity, footgear... ) .
The angle from us looks
Clothing factory of Europe is being searched new, makings of kimono of yarn of reliable fabrics, knitting.
Sale agent company is being searched new, interesting fashionable product.
The trading company is seeking new business point of growth.
The angle from you looks
Before going to Paris waiting for oversize to exhibit meeting ginseng, must understand market demand adequately.
Come from company of China, India, Osmanli to had supplied a product to European manufacturer, and this trend acts more jump over intense.
Milan exhibits the cost of the meeting opposite for very competitive.
Match-making -- assure to join those who exhibit the effect " secret weapon " !
Begin from 2006, we exhibit specially business to establish to match a service for China (Match-making) , specific as follows:
1, once China exhibits business ginseng signing up,exhibit, we the product according to this company, actual strength, target, the primary election roll that chooses 100 Europe to buy the home for its (Long List) , it is OK to postpone business these buy free contact, define a more specific, shorter list next (Short List) ;
2, the Short List that the organizing committee should postpone reference business, do the introduction and harmonious work, knock finally calm 5 buy the home to 10;
3, the organizing committee sends this 5 detailed introductions that buy the home to 10 before the meeting postpone business;
4, the organizing committee will ensure at least 5 the best, most appropriate buy the home and exhibit business to be in exhibit the speak to sb face to face on the meeting.
In addition, we still can do the guidance that prepares before a few meetings to postponing business, should take the sample of what type for instance, should how display, european popular information, etc.
Had afore-mentioned " match a service " , china exhibits business to be opposite before go abroad exhibit the know how things stand and feel confident of handling them in meeting result heart.
Company brief introduction
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