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International of Chinese Inner Mongolia spun loom instrument and knitting equipm
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Extend meeting time: Came to exhibited on October 12, 2008 on October 10, 2008 address: Inner Mongolia international exhibition center sponsors an unit: China International commerce promotes branch of committee Inner Mongolia, chamber of commerce of Inner Mongolia of China International chamber of commerce, hall of business affairs of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region, ike thinks of rich international to exhibit a group to exhibit a place: Network address of Inner Mongolia international exhibition center: Industry type: Postpone meeting brief introduction: Exhibit can brief introduction
Inner Mongolia has advantaged geographical condition and resource requirement, have the province area with terrestrial most port, border land port 18, collect connects railroad over or across China north, northeast, northwest, answer with photograph of terrestrial port Yao, the bridgehead of the Eurasia that be called, full continent in railroad and highway port can lead to hamster and Western Europe via Russia and build commerce market to it, huhhot is sure as Inner Mongolia metropolis is the prosperous place ground of businessman trade dealings. 4 big straw of whole nation of house of Inner Mongolia prairie first of field, whole area place raises bovine number and wool of animal produce sheep, cashmere wool and camel wool crop to reside the whole nation the first, enterprise of above of whole area dimensions farming animal produce machines what the textile in the enterprise gives priority to to hold 16.7% , leather, cloth with soft nap (feather) wool adds what labour gives priority to to hold 15.8% , it is main manufacturing base; On this foundation, the municipality formed major of goods of spin of northern region and even whole nation's famouser leather, wool to trade the market, below such big trend, textile industry exhibition is caused one round necessarily change newly, for spin machinery manufacturing industry provided more vast market space.
Between the industry outside be textile industry of promotional our country and home extensive communication and collaboration, the promotion of the new technology that strengthens domestic and international textile industry, new facility and application, offer to reveal the platform with communication for textile industry, for the enterprise the exit Mongolia country, country such as Russia offers a superexcellent commerce opportunity. "2008 China (Inner Mongolia) international spin machinery and knitting equipment exhibition " will be in on October 10, 2008- - 12 days are held ceremoniously in international exhibition center of Inner Mongolia of Huhhot city ● , course of study of foreign enterprise of true-blue welcome country, guild forms a delegation ginseng exhibit, look around!
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Government office of civil administration of person of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region
Russia is stationed in Huhhot to get a house always
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