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Autumn outfit appears on the market pace puts delay price to go tall (graph)
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The personage inside course of study introduces, at present is traditional dress sells at the same time summer wear goes out clear, at the same time the sale busy season that autumn outfit appears on the market, however, the typhoon causes consecutive heavy rain, let Fosan each are big it is difficult that dress sells the businessmen of field the business do, summer wear sells backwater, bring about sell pace of city of field autumn mount to put delay. In addition, according to selling the personage inside field course of study to divulge, dress sells a wave of same occurrence price to go up trace, the new fund that appears on the market newly this year autumn outfit marks a price to be compared with photograph of in former years go tall somewhat.

  Rainwater block breaks summer wear to sell

Garment industry is to rely on a day to have a meal all the time, however, the ruler of heaven not cooperate, fosan sells the summer wear of field to sell prices whole to still had disappeared this year.

"When new clothes appears on the market, weather chill sells do not move, busy season of summer vacation time sufferred stock market oscillation to affect sales volume, be in next stock giving Qing Dynasty in August, rainwater consecutive! " Miss Li Xiaomei introduces the public figure inside course of study, 45 months when just enter Chu Xia this year, the weather unexpected ground of Fosan is colder, affected directly sell a sales volume.

In peak period of only 67 months of high temperature, get again the influence of stock market oscillation, people diverts attention the stock market entirely, shop the person of fritter away days became little, consumption glides naturally. At present arrives awful do not give quiet stock, dish the end season of new money on vivid capital, affect because of the typhoon again, touch went up successional rainwater weather, not only affected summer wear clear goods, make autumn outfit new of goods appear on the market pace also puts delay then.

   Autumn outfit is tasted newly appear on the market scale is cut

"Although return the sign that did not see deficit this year, but at hand does not have gain money really, capital is total detain is on inventory! " Mr Wen ran one clothing store in group of ancestor temple trade, introduce according to its, a month comes recently, him shop enters a sale thoroughly off-season, at present can be sent only after hoping to go at monsoon, summer wear finishs clear goods thoroughly, dish vivid capital go up more again next new fund of a few autumn outfit.

"Current, the autumn outfit new fund of our brand appears on the market scale is less than 4 into! " Mr Wen introduces, although each autumn outfit of old brand is tasted newly,had appeared on the market in succession, but, and photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year, sell what had appeared inside field is new taste scale or decrease substantially. In addition, compare with photograph of in former years, suffer on cost the influence of raise pressure, dress sells the tastes the price newly to also appear to go tall than price of in former years hide of field this year.
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