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The usage of the cuff-link in complementary makings!
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Cuff-link, cuffLink (CL) Gu Xila of traceable of according to legend, this is buckled what go up in cuff is small play art should be 14 to 17 centuries, namely elder brother heart renaissance period overcomes period to Ba Luo, in Europe wide dress up one of art for popular man.

Man of cuff-link deck elegant skin
Cuff-link material chooses precious gold, silver-colored, crystal, diamond, gem to wait commonly character, because this price does not poor, go to on 10 thousand yuan in hundreds of yuan commonly. Normally the circumstance issues GUCCI of top class brand, Ver-sace, LV, Cartier, Tiffany, Ste-fanoricci, ascend dragon of happy road, 10 thousand treasure, BOSS, Dolce&Gabbana to wait in roll out new the men's clothing of one season at the same time, also can roll out new fund cuff-link, some still can roll out cuff-link of this edition of season set limit to. Because delicate do manual work and valuable ability are qualitative, while the cuff-link with general headgear is being used, also be being collected by cautious ground. Aristocratic times is done not have in this, let cuff-link finish elegant Pi Nan the person adores decorously this.
Fasten little shirt of a cuff-link
Trying to have a pair of cuff-link, how is the problem cuff-link is used? The friend of a lot of men beside is in after knowing this little thing is cuff-link, back-to-back move can ask so. Actually, cuff-link should be used on special cuff-link shirt. If contact cuff,cutaneous calls A area, other one side calls B area, the A face that cuff-link shirt is cuff both sides is contacted each other, next join cuff-link " button " that needle of the part the cuff from the back of hand there wear below, after that from control the cuff there is worn piece, and secure OK. With cuff-link, fasten little shirt of a cuff-link, since the price of cuff-link does not poor, the shirt that means choice and cuff-link collocation also cannot too bad.
Want such supplement
Although cuff-link is small, but design is Protean however, besides traditional circle and square, still have the figure such as knot of water, whorl, China, design also has the totem, ensign, too extremely, steering wheel, fruit, cartoon, any of the twelve animals, constellation sundry, there is grace on the style, have nifty, unruly is waited a moment, accordingly tie-in cuff-link has knowledge greatly:
1. Want the color collocation cuff-link according to shirt and formal attire;
2. Choose and cuff-link of concolorous of buckle, stickpin;
3. Choose cuff-link according to attending the style of the banquet.
Generally speaking, aureate cuff-link matchs formal attire of white shirt, black to appear high, argent match pink, blue or black shirt appears elegant and professional, and black cuff-link is joker sheet is tasted, appear formal attire is more fashionable.
The first pair of their cuff-link
Speak of the first pair of his cuff-link, can't help revealing happy sense in the utterance that big international engineers manager Li Sheng in. "The first pair of my cuff-link is when spending birthday 2001, the girlfriend at that time, namely present wife sends, it is a pair of black crystal cuff-link, remain my the upper part of the body to lead a pair of very tall cuff-link to now. " from understanding cuff-link arrives be used to using cuff-link, come nearly 10 years, the cuff-link style that Li Sheng uses is more distinctive. "Choice cuff-link wants the characteristic according to oneself, choose those who suit him style. Choose those who suit him style..
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