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Agency, how to let your brand shop a Triton of the minnows
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Regard terminal as one of forms, the time that brand shop appears is not late, the impetus that appeared to develop more quickly in recent years. Current, the brand shop of a lot of enterprises, a lot of brands already spread all over street lane of the city, making a new tendency of the market. Although brand shop is like emerge to appear euqally, but, if take care observation to discover not hard, the brand shop of different company, different brand is behaved very much the same, from decorate a style to arrive management pattern is similar. So, below such circumstance, brand shop should achieve big breakthrough on sale outstanding achievement, difficulty is greater.

To the enterprise, what brand shop assumes is figure window and sale two functions. Also be such to agency, but what agency pays attention to more is sale outstanding achievement rise. Want to raise sale outstanding achievement to must do good sale work, doing sale job cultured is poor dissimilation, since be a brand shop form of this kind of terminal is already coessential changed, so, must think method is distinguished somewhat on management characteristic, do sufficient poor dissimilation, promote brand shop the appeal to consumer from this, doing while good figure is revealed, stimulative brand shop sells the promotion of outstanding achievement.
The author ever had become dealer, also had opened brand shop below the support of manufacturer, give characteristic to come to how opening brand shop, have bit of little experience, write here piece, use in order to offer what everybody consults.
1. Open brand shop to want to highlight manufacturer to taste, desalt middleman
For the condition of disappear give a lot of care from consumer, consumer always likes to take money to manufacturer directly when shop, think such ability are the most authentic, price is the fairest also, one but middleman intervenes, feel among have again increase price, the price is not quite favourable, or goods is not quite reliable. To cater to consumer this psychology, the author is in brand shop decorate the flavour that goes up to highlight manufacturer as far as possible, and the trace of desalt middleman. Serve a few detail in the center especially, for example, employee is worn is the uniform with manufacturer, adorn the bosom with manufacturer gets stuck, all files and office things mark all contain the number of manufacturer, and even use letter paper envelope, come from manufacturer attune, what put on wearing of books and periodicals is manufacturer inside print, display through such detail, build the impression of inn of door of manufacturer directly under to consumer.
2. Brand shop should build the atmosphere related production
Since be the brand shop of manufacturer, to increase authenticity, return so that build the atmosphere that concerns with production, especially the manufacturing technology of aggrandizement product characteristic. For example, the author goes up in the wall paste characteristic of the brew craft that exert oneself of brand of this wine water publicizes, hoard and relevant culture data, the conduct propaganda that the scroll in TV broadcasts an enterprise piece, highlight the manufacturing process of the product, with common and direct form, make it chart and model, see and experience what make consumer can intuitionistic.
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