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Japanese big shop sign why so helter-skelter -- and see YKK how face quality cla
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Japanese YKK, slide fastener of so-called all the time world the first brand. However, from this year after March, a few your reporters transmit one after another over there the Chinese user from it special doubt mysterious message: YKK company not only have deliver goods shortage phenomenon, still appeared the phenomenon that slide fastener slides automatically.

In be as long as in the time of 10 months, face what “ blocks brand of Zhu Mi ” to be complained for many times, YKK company did not give in time appropriate is solved and handle program, however through changing sale controller evades an issue. Distribute news dispatches to the reporter when day till, fail to get any day of responses that square enterprise makes with respect to quality problem.

YKK held water in January 1934, january 1946, use brand “YKK” , january 1996, ” of committee of “ China policy held water in China. 1995, the Shenzhen that is in China, Dalian built a plant, grew enterprise of YKK slide fastener 2003 medium “ is elegant can send career of Si Ning ” , register capital to be 85 million U.S. dollor, there already is 30 many minutes to sell a site in China. China already was the biggest client origin country in YKK enterprise, and increase by degrees every year with impressive rate. Since such, why dare YKK wait for a client so slow? How many pecuniary loss do these problem slide fastener bring to Chinese clothing manufacturer after all? How will a got-up affair develop again? To this, the reporter interviewed relevant enterprise and branch, know factual fact.

   What immediate pecuniary loss is as high as 42 million yuan unexpectedly is gigantic

The relevant personnel Lin Guofu that supervises bureau supervisory place to be in charge of appeal mediating the job according to taking over the technology of Fujian Province quality that investigates YKK problem slide fastener introduces: The slide fastener of Japanese YKK group appears problem, the Fujian that to the “ card of hold eider down of brand of Zhu Mi ” takes is collected amount to fashionable dress limited company to cause immediate pecuniary loss more than yuan 4200.

“ of famous brand of Chinese well-known logo, China blocks Zhu Mi ” to say, for the stability of high grade product, dress of its brand eider down uses slide fastener of Japanese YKK brand all the time. Although YKK also has given issue of a few quality, but can get appropriate is solved in time, 10 come for years each other collaboration is basic and satisfactory. 2003 second half of the year, YKK company develops “ of the 2nd brand elegant can send slide fastener of Si Ning ” . “ blocks Zhu Mi ” to be in the portion began to try “ in September 2003 elegant can send the sheet below slide fastener of card of Si Ning ” , order goods the quantity increases by degrees ceaselessly every year. After blocking Zhu Mi ” to receive the order slide fastener that “YKK” company delivers to the “ between July in May 2006, branch of qualitative check of ” of “ card Zhu Mi discovers via detecting “ is elegant can send card of Si Ning ” 3 glue tooth opens end catenary quality to appear problem: Slide fastener lock is incompact, the meeting that pull a head slides automatically. ” of “ card Zhu Mi reachs this sale high level is loose ascending to complain to “YKK” business personnel namely, demand return should approve problem slide fastener, but according to YKK company return this kinds of circumstance belongs to individual phenomenon, can be at ease use. Because be worth eider down to take order to produce busy season at that time, to avoid to enlarge a loss, “YKK” company offers to come by their clique personnel of technology of ten people major comes a factory reach the slide fastener in be being produced to undertake examine in the round and be rectifyinged and reform to was not being produced. They claim to won't have a problem via rectifying and reform the slide fastener after, can be at ease sale.
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