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Dalian takes short for Zhejiang Province of Fujian of look forward to to return
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A few days ago, guild of Dalian city dress organizes an enterprise to go to south to make an on-the-spot investigation. After association and enterprise representing return, have feeling greatly, in succession speak out freely.

Everybody expresses, of this Fujian short for Zhejiang Province those who walk is a few well-known big companies that have famous brand dress, the first “ that experiencing is southern enterprise is big ” . Workshop plant area big, scale of production is big, devoted yield big, feel this company on exterior building very air, battle array is threatening, the dimensions of the enterprise sees hard in our north. The 2nd open sex that experiencing is these entrepreneur thoughts, innovation sex and before look up sex. Open sex —— they often go out to see a few newer things, absorb new nutrition, bring back company study for the purpose of application. They often have innovation sex —— a few new thinking are rolled out, bring better benefit for the enterprise. Before —— of look up sex they not at the moment what the interest looks is very heavy, put prospective evolution to the first place however, go seeing the progress of the enterprise with long-term view. Group of the fir that be like fir and Han Bo (China) the structure of the situation that group limited company builds workshop place to lie now and workshop, won't be demolished after coming a few years. Because they are had very strong before look up sex, of the consideration is appreciate when land in future, below the condition that labor cost raises, garment industry can change the place of other, and can become near existing workshop more flourishing shopping centre or uptown, they think of when designing factory building a workshop is multi-purpose change, business bazaar, supermarket can turn into after. The 3rd management that experiencing is an enterprise and cent recipe way are more logical. Great majority of northern company workman is calculate with monthly wages plus a few bonus, southern enterprise is it is base pay with reckon by the piece, increase on 3 kinds of stake that have related concern: It is quality money award, 2 be the many task that finish above quota award, the 3rd it is award of be out on duty. Among them above quota increase as the amount and the forehead carrying award of award and full attendence award is spent increase by degrees, this kind of award kind that contains drive improved manufacturing efficiency greatly undoubtedly. The 4th experiencing is diversity of southern garment industry is run. Reflect in, if the stock appears on the market financing, make a brand, do estate to wait. Entrepreneur ponders over a problem to live quite, boldness is bigger, what the opportunity holds is good.

After communication, everybody thinks, dalian regards a dress as the famous city, having advantaged advantageous requirement. And some closer year come, as more ongoing than rising as southern clothing company pace is slow. Want us to accelerate only manage from production model manage to the market model the pace of transition, carry high yield to taste additional cost, make Dalian clothing be being done by force is "; PageSize=3000; Flag=1; of can be expected soon greatly
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