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Dress of the 8th 2008 China International crosses a country to purchase Fair
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Extend meeting time: Came to exhibited on July 16, 2008 on July 14, 2008 address: Shanghai Yan'an on the west the road sponsors an unit 2299 numbers: Store of trade of world of Shanghai of Chinese clothing association exhibits a place: Network address of store of Shanghai world trade: Industry type: Female outfit postpones meeting brief introduction: Dress of 2008 China International crosses a country to purchase Fair 2008 China International Apparel Trade Fair

Time: In July 2008 14-16 day
Place: Yan'an of Shanghai of 3F/4F(of store of Shanghai world trade on the west 2299)
Sponsor an unit: Store of world trade of Shanghai of Chinese clothing association
Undertake unit: Store of Shanghai world trade assist run an unit: The United States is amounted to pull this market control center (DMC)

● is exhibited can setting
2008 global spin dress trade situation
2007 up to in November, chinese dress exports total one hundred billion three hundred and eighty-four million dollar, grow 15.68% compared to the same period, occupy the whole world to export total
30 %
2007 up to November, two markets of European Union and United States are total the 34.7% that occupies our country dress to export total
On January 1, 2008, europe textile trade agreement expires in, quota of textile is defeated by Europe cancels, european Union market is new to medium
Open wide a gate
The cost advantage of Chinese labour force is weakened, the production company with big, technology small content transfers labor intensity significant production base
The good luck of Chinese supplier was mixed 2008 challenge
Chinese dress makes an enterprise reduce intermediate segment, reduce commerce link cost, increase profit of manufacturing industry company ability
Much channel, much azimuth enhances the chance of international trade communication, purchase meet, business affairs conjugate, trade exhibit can wait
Enhance the ability of the direction such as research and development of commerce, product, content shedding, have the capacity of the butt joint that buy the home with case of big batch, high price
System of Chinese dress standard and international conform, Chinese clothing company needs to raise international standard to collect prize frank
Supplier of abroad 2008 brand good luck
Academy of whole world of Mai Ken stannum (newest research makes clear MGI) , as Chinese dweller income rapid growth and savings ratio drop stage by stage,
Future inside 20 years, the real need of Chinese city will grow 5 times above painfully, make the whole world that is next to Japan and United States
3 big spending markets
The middle class that China rises abruptly quickly and wealthy person group brought China to consume the market in last few years approximately unbridled growth, make jump over
More abroad luxury and fashionable brand pay close attention to China, label China future in succession the most important, most potential market
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