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Culture competition ability can decide brand competition ability
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Shenzhen " art grass " head build folk " hundred years fashionable museum " , zhousheng of company general manager says frankly --

  Culture competition ability can decide brand competition ability

The 6th Shenzhen that the end of this month is about to hold is taken hand in meeting, firstly of the eyeball that deprive a person " new act " be, company of Shenzhen leaf clothing at a heat hire 40 standards are exhibited, rollout EACHWAY (art grass) the Tibet of hundred years fashionable museum is tasted reach expert science gain.

"This is the gives priority to a problem with dress spin museum that Shenzhen head home establishs by civilian battalion enterprise, also be the museum that Chinese head home gives priority to a problem with vogue at the same time, be a company art a kind of attempt that grass brand promotes consequence. " yesterday, zhou Sheng of company general manager reads our newspaper to be the same as experience about the feeling after the report of garment industry dominant position. "The core that the brand blazes new trails, it is culture innovation; Culture competition ability decides brand competition ability. Culture competition ability decides brand competition ability..

Assiduously studying the Zhou Sheng of the doctor's degree, have a special liking to brand culture. He is analysed, will tell to dress brand, where is the value core of the brand? Thousands of yuan of famous brand dress that gets on 10 thousand yuan even, is with a material the difference of the general clothing with identical, good do manual work in where? Core is brand culture connotation is different, the additional cost that produces namely is different. The existence of brand culture can make the brand has firm consumption group, produce more expensive profit space, it is alleged " fewer material, more wisdom " . The dress of a Madeinchina sells a foreign trader 100 yuan, went to abroad to mark a price can amount to 1000 yuan taller even. This price needs the culture value that is a brand.

Zhou Sheng is special speak of, culture ability is to surmount garment industry is at present low-level efficient way of competition. "Borrowed on home market now very general, a new money is close friends only sell, not how long can the market appear large quantities of amounts are similar product. In fact, the hardware such as craft, technology, equipment, sale can be copied, the culture energy that hides in dress alone only cannot transplant. The culture energy that hides in dress alone only cannot transplant..

"Build museum, it is the tamp culture details, need that promotes culture capability. " Zhou Sheng points out, on one hand, data of sound of the objective of acting impress when museum is had through collecting, photograph, image will mirror fashionable changes and innovation, announce the rule of fashionable development. On the other hand, advocate if the angle from learning is close to China,achievement of research of culture of hundred years dress and industrial current situation undertake arranging, analysis, summary, is not pure pursuit article collect, more studies dress develops transitional and underlying factor. This, to dress future development is having important real sense.
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