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Li Ning: To push forward of world sports brand
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With Chinese great majority the brand differs, li Ning brand is to first brand hind has a product. Mr Li Ning from having very strong brand idea at the beginning. Before Li Ning company holds water, came in July 1989 between August, li Ning collects the design that Li Ning brand marks inside countrywide limits. In more than 20 contribution, old Red Army man reachs on the contributor, leave children, the great expectations that shows compatriots to express ethical brand place, also let the confidence of the sports brand that Li Ning builds him Chinese more sturdily.

Li Ning brand is the brand that China names the first times with athlete name. "The stage receiving award that lets the dress of brand of China of dress of athletic good athlete enter the world " , this is Mr Li Ning establishs the original intention of Li Ning company. Accordingly, what kind of brand label can show the brand that Li Ning yearns for him Chinese to move toward great ambition of lofty or bottomless? What kind of brand marks can perfect reflect Chinese gymnastic to grow rate, reflect the bold and generous enthusiasm of sports good athlete? Final, extractive and Oriental elite has the design program with one action of contemporary and fashionable element to be chosen again.

The first when the design takes the Chinese Phonetic Alphabet from full name of gymnastic and princely Li Ning uppercase " L " and " N " abnormity is formed. It is indicative youth, enthusiastic, vigor, as if high and flying red flag, ablaze flaming torch, the note that beats ardently, passion 4 shoot. Design modelling is vivid, exquisite, beautiful, abound stir feeling and interest of contemporary sports vogue.

1990 Asia Game, it is Chinese first time holds large international integrated match, go up in that Asia Game just about, horizontal stroke of Li Ning brand is born for nothing. The development direction of Li Ning brand and Li Ning company also gets making clear fixed position: Devote oneself to the creation of professional sporting goods, pursue the breakthrough of taller state, brand of push forward international. Li Ning company already became nowadays year of sale 2.45 billion yuan appear on the market company, and Li Ning brand, also become become famous one of global well-known trademarks. "; PageSize=3000; flag=1;