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Brand of Han Dan Xue Chi ascends a list of names posted up once more
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"The 10 names brand that Chinese netizen likes investigates an activity " announce

On July 8, "The 10 names brand that Chinese netizen likes investigates an activity " announce prize-giving celebration and Chinese netizen consumable card height forum is in Beijing people congress hall is held ceremoniously. Han Dan Xue Chi again with its abundant actual strength is received in glory " the award of brand of high-quality goods of · of 10 names brand that 2006 China netizen loves " honorary title, this also is the trademark that only of industry of products of our country eider down, garment industry obtains this special honour.

It is reported, this second activity is by Chinese Internet association is initiated sponsor, net of people net, xinhua net, sina, Sohu net, wait for media with dispatch net assist do, it is to be in association of association of Chinese electron business affairs, China International famous brand, Beijing the year brand grand meeting that the authoritative orgnaization such as research center of brand of university of trade of classics of institute of economy of industrial and commercial university, capital holds below support. The powerful dominant position that the activity aims to carry a network builds bridge between enterprise and netizen consumer, make China consume the market well-known trademark, stimulative brand development and photograph of network sale transmission are united in wedlock, drive what China consumes market brand strategy to carry out. This second activity undertakes revealing to the brand through the network, undertake interacting adequately with netizen consumer, from " product quality satisfaction is spent, service satisfaction is spent, the trademark is well-known degree, brand satisfaction is spent, prospective shopping first selection " wait for a respect to make be investigated on all-around net to brand of of all kinds product. This second activity makes full use of the interactive sex of the network and extensive sex, let every enterprise understand its brand the position in netizen consumer memory, understand the need with real consumer. End to the activity, mutual came from nearly 2000 many kinds of 150 product of countrywide, well-known trademarks to participate in this investigation activity, the page clicks a quantity to break through 20 million person-time, more than 8 million person-time undertook polling. This investigation activity already was become 2006 most get together the brand grand meeting that network person enrages. Xue Chi can show itself in numerous brand, proved the actual strength of Xue Chi brand, product, quality, management, culture again, this implements famous brand strategy further to its, produce famous brand effect, implementation company can grow continuously be sure to rise to urge action actively. (Xue Motao of reporter of engage by special arrangement of reporter Li Xiaoqin) "; PageSize=3000; flag=1;