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Seminar of collaboration of cross-strait spin industry is held in Xiao Shan
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On July 29, communicate chamber of commerce of imports and exports of textile of association, China and Taiwan textile to extend by cross-strait classics trade can hold jointly, bureau of foreign trade of Xiao Shan area assist do " cross-strait spin industry cooperated 2006 seminar " hold in Xiao Shan, the famous entrepreneur of cross-strait spin industry gathers together, in all industry of spin of business two sides grows prospect. Group of spin of desolate hill Ou Zhenya, grand peak, the 8 spin enterprise such as triumphant group attended the meeting.

As economic globalization and process of area economic integration accelerate ceaselessly, the industrial competition that is forerunner with science and technology is more and more intense, the situation that cross-strait textile faces is increasingly grim also. To this, more and more mainland entrepreneur realize, must undertake the industry upgrades to adjust and promote industrial competition ability with transition. Cross-strait textile needs to strengthen cooperation ceaselessly, development communication has in the respect such as advanced technique and administrative experience, produce respective advantage adequately, move toward spin powerful nation from spin big country truly.

Via trade office deputy office grew the leader such as Jin Yonghui to attend a seminar outside province of Tang Wei of director of department of HongKong and Macow of stage of Department of Commerce, Zhejiang. From the entrepreneur of many 30 Taiwan that includes to attend the meeting inside even more 100 textile person discuss and see in communication, the desire that the friend of cross-strait spin industry cooperates to enlarging cross-strait classics trade is pressing, enthusiastic.

The person that attend the meeting was shown to the development of desolate hill textile accumulate large interest, think hill experienced desolate to do a business to the development that forms division of professional production garden greatly from blossom everywhere, formed the region industry group with more powerful competition ability, the spin industry large area that by a little known Changjiang Delta small town with one action becomes 5 continent of a north and south of raise great river, world, your person is looked at with new eyes. And the property that developing spin industry adequately to have at present gathers and technical equipment advantage, accelerate integrated industry resource, advance industrial innovation, believe to there is bigger development perspective certainly in the future. (Reporter Wu Donglin) "; PageSize=3000; flag=1;